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Joint Strategic Planning Committee (Now dissolved)

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About Us - The West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit

The Joint Planning Unit was originally established to support the work of the Joint Strategic Planning Committee (JSPC), particularly through the preparation of the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) for West Northamptonshire, which was adopted in December 2014.

Following the adoption of the JCS and the subsequent dissolution of the JSPC, the work of the unit has focussed on the following areas:

  • Information and monitoring - including the preparation of the Joint Authorities Monitoring Report.
  • Supporting the preparation of the Part 2 Local Plans, particularly through the commissioning of joint evidence base documents.
  • Supporting the partner Councils to meet the statutory 'duty to cooperate'.
  • Infrastructure planning and delivery - including the annual review and update of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

The partner Councils have now established a new Joint Planning and Infrastructure Board (JPIB) which will oversee the preparation of a new Strategic Plan for the West Northamptonshire area. The JPU are supporting the work of the JPIB.