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Northampton Urban Capacity Study Report


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Towcester and Brackley Urban Capacity Study


Northampton Longer Term Growth Options Study (NLTGOS)

March 2007

West Northants Previously Developed Land Note

July 2012

Village Services and Facilities Technical Paper (including 2008 Village Services Questionnaire returns)

February 2011

Important Note: Village Services and Facilities Technical Paper. A number of inaccuracies relating to Appendix 2 have been drawn to our attention. Due to an administrative error some of the data used in Appendix 2 was incomplete. As from 9th January 2012 Appendix 2 has been withdrawn from this paper pending a review of the information it contains. In addition, scans of the 2008 Village Services Questionnaire have been published and are available through the link above.

CIL Economic Viability Assessment

December 2012

CIL Economic Viability Assessment

June 2014

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October 2012